Innovox Audio demonstrates ‘Face to Face Clarity®’ at Infocomm 2014

Jun 27, 2014

Infocomm_2014_001_Small.JPGInnovox provided a sneak-preview of the new additions to their Flex Loudspeaker family of products for corporate, conference and presentation applications during the 3-day run at Infocomm 2014 in Las Vegas. "I believe we synced our messaging and product efforts to a greater degree than ever before", remarked Innovox CTO Chris Oswood. "Communicate With Face to Face Clarity® was our theme and our focus at the show this year with an emphasis on our Precision Ribbon Transducer technology. It's kind of funny," continues Oswood, "we noticed some recent competitive marketing touting ribbon HF as the latest buzz in loudspeaker design. We've been perfecting our loudspeaker designs with ribbon devices for over 20 years! And now, with our brand new Flex system products, we are able to effectively demonstrate the importance of articulation and clarity for today's widely-varied telepresence and video conference spaces.
We had over 600 attendees by our booth for a comparative listen. These folks know that their customers' expectation that audio reproduction, especially in the critical frequency ranges of speech, provide each and every listener the opportunity to hear and understand every syllable is growing. These types of distance communications and critical exchanges of information are happening every day, everywhere all over the world," he concludes.


mid-ribbon_module_Small.jpg"We're excited to build on the promise of our very popular Flex Synergy platform," added Michael Acup, Innovox Technical Sales Director. "With the addition of our new overhead and table-based articulation extenders, Synergy truly is a fully-developed set of tools for the consultant and integrator who knows and wants to do this stuff right." Acup also pointed out the launch of the new, interactive online design and planning tool. "Synergy Configurator is an easy and effective way to get a real feel for the unlimited possibilities that Synergy provides. It's live and available right now on the Innovox website. I encourage everybody to log on and take Synergy Configurator for a test drive. It's a lot of fun, too!"