Flex Video

Loudspeaker Series made to match the dimensions and aesthetics of your video displays

Providing optimal pairing of audio and visual cues, while blending seamlessly with your décor, our Flex Video speakers are perfect for a single display in a huddle room or a large multi-panel video wall just about anywhere.


Precision Loudspeaker Solutions for discreet design integration

Innovox Architectural Series Loudspeakers are designed to recede into the visual background while delivering articulate speech and musical detail. Now you can provide optimal performance without compromising aesthetics.

High Output Arrays

Hybrid Line Arrays for superior speech intelligibility and musical detail

High Output Arrays provide superior speech intelligibility and musical detail.

Combining ribbon line array articulation with dipole low-frequency pattern behavior, our Hybrid Line Arrays let you achieve precise vertical control not previously possible in such compact packages. Each is “right sized” for the SPL requirements of venues with up to 3,000 seats.

Corporate and Institutional Users