Designed to recede into the visual background while delivering articulate speech and musical detail, Innovox Architectural Series Loudspeakers faithfully reproduce speech and music, with 100% loyalty to the aesthetics of the venue. Now you can have the quality of sound you need without diminishing the integrity of the design. Everything visitors see testifies to the architect’s vision. Everything they hear testifies to ours. The result is an utterly integrated experience, in which audio and visual are indivisible. Now you can provide optimal performance without compromising aesthetics.

Suddenly there are no bad seats in the house. By combining AE loudspeakers with our Flex Video or Architectural products in conference rooms, training rooms, auditoriums and larger spaces, you can bring face-to-face clarity to everyone in the room – including the people in the nosebleeds. That’s because AE isn’t just reinforcement; it’s a process that compensates for the loss of high-frequency transients essential to speech intelligibility. Line source – put energy where it’s useful – put the energy where the people are. 

Designed to enhance ambiance without detracting from aesthetics, SL loudspeakers combine an ultra-thin profile with broad room coverage that’s ideal for hospitality, retail and residential applications. They disappear into the architectural surroundings yet deliver sounds that’s as transparent as it is enveloping.  

In acoustically challenging spaces, the SLA family delivers speech-optimized sound reproduction in a defined coverage pattern to maximize intelligibility and fidelity while maintaining pattern control to reduce perceived reverberation. From lobbies to ballrooms, their slim surface-mounted design is all but invisible to the eye, yet seemingly hard-wired to the ear. Pair them with subwoofers for a very low-distortion, full-range solution that fills the room without muddying it.  

We designed these speakers to be heard and not seen. In fact, no speaker reproduces both speech and music with greater clarity in such a small form factor. Look to the CLA family for low distortion and superior transient response compared to traditional line arrays. Because of their shallow profile, unobtrusive size, precise coverage patterns, and combination of precision ribbon high-frequency drivers and proprietary voice range driver, they can be integrated inconspicuously into sensitive architectural spaces. 

These speakers accurately reproduce music and speech for a defined portion of a larger space. Ideal for retail point of sale and museum displays, they combine a minimal visual profile with true line array performance in the vocal range to create environments within environments.  

More than just a line of low frequency loudspeakers, the DLF family delivers high-impact, low frequency speakers extending LF and pattern control to the audience in a compact form. Thanks to their vertical spacing orientation, which defines an octave-wide controlled coverage band, the DLF loudspeakers not only convey the power lower-register sound, they improve definition in the mid and even upper ranges for enhanced clarity of speech, even above the thumping of a spirited musical performance. Complementary coverage pattern for the line array – CLA and SLA accompaniment.  

The Micro-Sub Series of company subwoofers benefit from active DSP processing to achieve maximum bass output from the smallest enclosure form possible. Designed for permanent installation, the Micro-Sub Series complement the Innovox Slim Line Series of shallow surface-mount loudspeakers and the Flex Video Series of display-mounted loudspeakers.

Most subwoofers vie to “out-thump” one another. The SCS series of sealed cardioid subwoofers are designed to provide extraordinary musical detail and clarity, while eliminating substantial low frequency rear rejection.