Superior speech intelligibility and musical detail.

HLA Hybrid Line Arrays deliver the full frequency vertical control needed to tame acoustically difficult spaces not previously seen in such compact packages. The HLA hybrid approach combines the precise articulation of a ribbon line array with dipole low-frequency pattern control. Powersoft onboard DSP and class D power completes the design optimization for loudspeaker solutions that meet the SPL and performance requirements of venues with up to 3,000 seats. With their slim profile, HLA loudspeakers can be placed where they need to be, while receding into the architectural background.

Combining ribbon line array articulation with dipole low-frequency pattern behavior, our HLA loudspeakers let you achieve precise vertical control not previously seen in such compact packages. Each is “right sized” for the SPL requirements of venues up to 3,000 seats.

HLA-XT arrays are designed to extend the projection of HLA Hybrid loudspeakers and reach the most distant seats in larger venues to deliver face-to-face speech clarity. HLA-XT arrays compensate for the nonlinear loss of high-frequency transients and the corresponding reduction of clarity as sound travels through the air. Audio signals feeding HLA-XT arrays are equalized and synchronized to exactly match the flight time for sound arriving from a central HLA-Hybrid array.

The SB Series of high-output installation subwoofers has been optimized for high performance, compact size and value. SB Series drivers incorporate distortion-reducing demodulation rings and are designed with integrated cooling to manage power compression. They are available in both passive and powered configurations.

The SBA Series of arrayable sub-woofers can be used singly or in dipole and cardioid bass arrays. They have been specifically designed as companions to HLA Hybrid Line Arrays creating very high output systems with substantial bass extension. The Innovox fly system hardware simplifies rigging of these systems reducing installation time and architectural impact.