HLA-20 Description

The HLA-20 is a hybrid integration for tri-amplification of a twenty element J-array loudspeaker and a two-stage dipole directional mid-bass and low frequency loudspeaker. The J-array portion contains twenty 3.5” mid-frequency drivers and twenty ribbon high frequency drivers. The MF dipole has eight 6” mid-bass drivers, and the LF dipole has two 15” high output low frequency drivers. This unique staged configuration provides a degree of vertical control normally only achievable with a much longer line array.

It has been preconfigured in an asymmetrical 35° V by 120° H coverage pattern with vertical directivity to 75 Hz, and low frequency response to 50 Hz. A single HLA-20 can provide full range coverage of both the front row and seats as far as 100 feet away with exceptional clarity and detail. Frequency response is 50 Hz to 20kHz, ±3 dB. Long term power handling is M/H 1500W (AES-2), LF 3000W (AES-2). Maximum SPL is 132 dB long-term and 138 dB peak.

Key Features

  • Asymmetrical 35° V x 120° H coverage
  • Vertical control to 75 Hz via staged dipole
  • -3 dB low frequency response 50 Hz
  • Effective projection to 100 feet


  • Churches
  • Large presentation areas
  • Performing arts centers

Nominal Data

Frequency Response:
50 Hz to 20k Hz, ± 3 dB

101 dB @ 2.83V / 1M

Mid-Hi – 8Ω
Mid-Bass – 4Ω
LF – Dual 8Ω

Power Handeling:
M/H: 1500 W long-term (AES-2)
LF: 3000 W long-term (AES-2)

Maximum Output:
132 dB long-term, 138 dB peak

Nominal Coverage:
120° H x 35° V

Height: 72.86 ” / 1851 mm
Width: 21.13 ” / 537 mm
Depth: 15.00 ” / 381 mm

Net Weight:
200 lbs / 90.9 kg

Shipping Weight:
230 lbs / 104.5 kg

Descriptive Data

System Configuration:
Tri-amped hybrid integration of a curvilinear M/H line array and a staged low frequency dipole

Components & Loading:
20 x 3.5” MF
20 x 3” Ribbon HF
8 x 6” Mid-Bass drivers
2 x 15” LF drivers

Recommended Crossover:
Innovox DSP processor settings

Recommended High-Pass Filter:
4th order Butterworth @ 40 Hz

Enclosure Type:
Curvilinear Array: Sealed Enclosure
Dipole LF: Tuned Reflex Enclosure

Enclosure Material:
Steel, Aluminum & Baltic Birch Plywood

White or Black (custom colors available)

NL8 & (4) dual binding head screws

Suspension Hardware:
(2) 3/8-16 threaded points on each side; steel yoke included

Painted perforated steel