Innovox surround-sound products are built using our proprietary mid-bass driver in combination with precision ribbon high-frequency drivers for exceptional transient response. Superior transient response helps transmit the spoken word clearly and concisely by sharply defining the beginning and end of syllables. This is the key to rapid speech comprehension.

Optimal Location

The location of the audio and video sources is a major factor in improving the clarity of reinforced speech. The brain is hard-wired to simultaneously use both the eyes and ears to know where things are. If the audio and video sources do not originate from the anticipated location, the brain must work harder to stay focused. This increases the processing time needed for speech comprehension.


Innovox products are designed to be co-located with the video source. In conference rooms, classrooms, and auditoria, Innovox FlexVideo products are custom-sized to match any display, allowing for a clean pairing of both speaker and display. In environments where there is no display, Innovox products are inconspicuous enough to be located near the audience’s visual focus.


Innovox products are designed to fit into any environment in a slim, shallow and unobtrusive manner. Customization offers the ability to match any architectural décor.