Designed to provide extraordinary musical detail and clarity, Innovox subwoofers are optimized for high-performance, detail and value in a very compact size.

Flex Companion Series of compact subwoofers were developed to extend the low frequency response of the Flex Video line of self-powered loudspeakers. These sub-woofers have a (-3 dB) low frequency power response that extends below 50 Hz, providing a solid foundation for a high impact full-range speech and music program.

The Micro-Sub Series of company subwoofers benefit from active DSP processing to achieve maximum bass output from the smallest enclosure form possible. Designed for permanent installation, the Micro-Sub Series complement the Innovox Slim Line Series of shallow surface-mount loudspeakers and the Flex Video Series of display-mounted loudspeakers.

The SB Sub-Bass Series of high-output installation subwoofers are optimized for high performance, compact size and value. Unusual in subwoofers of this size and price range, their drivers incorporate distortion-reducing demodulation rings and feature integrated cooling to manage power compression.

Equally impressive when used singly or combined in dipole and cardioid bass arrays, these loudspeakers create very high-output systems with substantial bass extension. Better yet: Available Innovox fly system hardware simplifies rigging and can significantly reduce installation time.

Most subwoofers vie to “out-thump” one another. The SCS series of sealed cardioid subwoofers are designed to provide extraordinary musical detail and clarity, while eliminating substantial low frequency rear rejection.

More than just a line of low frequency loudspeakers, the DLF family delivers high-impact, low frequency speakers extending LF and pattern control to the audience in a compact form. Thanks to their vertical spacing orientation, which defines an octave-wide controlled coverage band, the DLF loudspeakers not only convey the power lower-register sound, they improve definition in the mid and even upper ranges for enhanced clarity of speech, even above the thumping of a spirited musical performance. Complementary coverage pattern for the line array – CLA and SLA accompaniment.